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    Teslova ulica 30
    1000 Ljubljana
    Marko Grobelnik, CEO
  • About us

    The company mission is knowledge transfer from the academic world to the commercial world by constant presence in both worlds and by establishing strong contacts on Slovene, European and global levels.

    Quintelligence d.o.o. was established in January 2001 as a part of a Technology Park Ljubljana, Slovenia, with the focus to develop software solutions and to take over projects and solutions from their initial stages in academic worlds and transfer them into the working industrial strength products.

    The main strength of the company is a strong emphasis on building solutions that can incorporate state-of-the-art research achievements in artificial intelligence and big data technologies.

    Quintelligence has been involved in several projects co-funded by European Commission including two FP6 projects Tool-East and SpidERA. We are currently a partner in H2020 project MIDAS

    Management Team


    Marko Grobelnik, CEO

    Expert in the analysis of large amounts of complex data with the purpose to extract useful knowledge. He has valuable experience in the field of practical applications and development of business solutions based on the innovative technologies. He is current Digital Champion for Slovenia.


    Dunja Mladenić

    Expert on study and development of Machine Learning, Data Mining and Text Mining techniques and their application to real-world problems. She heads the Artificial Intelligence Laboratory of the Jožef Stefan Institute, Slovenia.


    Mitja Jermol

    Expert on psychology in learning, knowledge management, digital publishing system, multimedia and the ICT in education. He heads the Center for knowledge transfer in information technologies and is UNESCO Chair for Open Educational Resources.


    Blaž Fortuna

    Expert in the area of scalable data management and analysis. He is the chief architect and contributor to the QMiner system for large-scale multi-modal data management developed by Quintelligence. He is the CEO of Qlector, a Quintelligence joint venture working on AI solutions.


    Gregor Leban

    Expert in the area of information extraction, information visualization, text mining, machine learning and artificial intelligence. He is the CEO of the Global News Monitoring system Event Registry.


    Joao Pita Costa

    A senior researcher and project manager at Quintelligence. His current work includes applications of computational topology to areas of public health and healthcare such as digital disease detection. He also worked in Gripenet, the Portuguese hub of the InfluenzaNet network.


    Luka Stopar

    A senior developer at Quintelligence. Expert in machine learning, data analytics and information visualization. He is the lead developer of the SearchPoint, StreamStory and MeSH Classifier systems. Luka is the co-founder of the company Solvesall. He has experience developing analytical solutions in the areas of transportation, smart factories and text mining.


    Flavio Fuart

    A senior IT expert at Quintelligence with focus on productization, optimization, integration and deployment of research modules, as well as research tasks related to text processing and online media monitoring. He also worked as a Scientific/Technical Officer at the Global Security Unit of the Joint Research Centre of the European Commission, and managed healthcare informatics projects and worked as consultant for the Slovenian government during a major national healthcare reform in the early 2000s.