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    EventRegistry collects and analyzes news articles published by over 30,000 news publishers worldwide. It can be used through web application or API to find the news or world events of your interest.

    MEDLINE Explorer↗

    This tool was designed to explore the published biomedical research available through the open dataset MEDLINE and based on the SearchPoint technology. It allows for advanced queries using Lucene syntax, and for the user to surface over clustered keywords as related topics to the query. This interactive visual tool helps to identify the information we are looking for, avoiding the standard answer that is biased by definition. It can be used in any language with any document set (public or private) that can be indexed, analyzed and visualized with this approach.

    MeSH Classifier↗

    The MeSH Classifier is a tool to classify text with the MeSH Headings. Learning over 80+ years of MEDLINE data, it can provide the user with the automated annotation of MeSH classes over 16 major health categories and a maximum of 13 levels of deepness. It provides all the classifying categories with position number and (cosine) similarity weight, with a slider and a number of max categories visible. It is also available through a web app and an API.

    MeSH News Explorer↗

    A news explorer based on the Event Registry technology with an integration to the MeSH Classifier allowing the user to search for health-related topics by including MeSH headings. This is much similar to the usability workflow of the well-known medical research explorer PubMed, where the MeSH headings are used in the search for scientific articles. Some of the visualisation modules available at the news explorer are enriched by this integration allowing the user to, e.g., account for the percentage of news articles that talk about a specific health topic related to a MeSH heading.


    QMiner is an open source analytics platform for large-scale data stores and real-time streams containing structured and unstructured data. It is designed for scaling to millions of instances on high-end commodity hardware, providing efficient storage, retrieval and analytics mechanisms with real-time response.